US DOE announced $30M in funding to boost EV battery supply chain

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced a $30 million investment to boost the EV battery supply chain in the United States

The DOE’S Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) is launching the Catalyzing Innovative Research for Circular Use of Long-Lived Advanced Rechargeable (CIRCULAR) program. 

The CIRCULAR Program is expected to develop new technologies that can extend the life of new batteries and make them cheaper to produce. The program’s goals align with President Biden’s plan to protect the environment, boost the economy, and address the climate crises. 

ARPA-E’s program is supposed to contribute to a circular economy where everything works together efficiently. A circular economy works like a well-oiled system where resources are used effectively and thoughtfully. Instead of throwing things away after a single use, they are repaired, reused, or recycled whenever possible. This benefits the environment and saves money and resources in the long run.

The CIRCULAR Program will focus on four technology categories: 

  • Category A seeks innovations in battery cell materials, designs, regeneration methods, and corresponding manufacturing techniques to prolong battery service life.
  • Category B focuses on battery pack designs, materials, reversible manufacturing methods, and fast and safe disassembly techniques to recover the manufacturing value of cells and pack components.
  • Category C prioritizes innovations in cell-level sensing, data analytics, and battery intelligence systems to ensure safety, extend the service life, and manage end-of-life of batteries.
  • Category D aims to develop techno-economic, lifecycle, and circularity analysis tools capable of quantifying the impact of the program’s advancements to justify the adoption of these technologies and inform new business models and opportunities.

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