Elon Musk-led xAI unveils Grok 1.5V featuring visual processing

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence (AI) company xAI is set to introduce a version of its Grok language model that can process visuals, as shared by the company this week.

In a press release shared on its website on Friday, xAI announced Grok 1.5V, or Grok 1.5 Vision, its first AI model to process video alongside processing text. The news means that Grok can now process visual information such as documents, photos, diagrams and more, along with making the model competitive with other multimodal platforms.

“Introducing Grok-1.5V, our first-generation multimodal model,” writes xAI in the release. “In addition to its strong text capabilities, Grok can now process a wide variety of visual information, including documents, diagrams, charts, screenshots, and photographs. Grok-1.5V will be available soon to our early testers and existing Grok users.”

While it isn’t yet publicly released, xAI says that Grok 1.5V will soon become available to early testers and existing Grok users.

The post also includes detailed benchmarking information comparing Grok 1.5V with multimodal competitors such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4V, Anthropic’s Claude 3 Sonnet and Claude 3 Opus, and the Google-owned Gemini Pro 1.5. In addition, the release shares seven different examples of how Grok 1.5V can use visual information, including the use of real-world images or translating charts into code.

You can see the Grok 1.5V benchmarking chart below, along with two of the examples of visual processing.

Credit: xAI

Credit: xAI

Credit: xAI

The multimodal model arrives after Musk said earlier this year that xAI was preparing to launch Grok 1.5. In an interview held earlier this week, Musk also said that he believes we’ll have AI that’s smarter than any one human by the end of 2025, while he thinks the compute power of AI will exceed all humans in just five years.

Last month, xAI officially made Grok’s base model weights and network architecture open source, after Musk’s many criticisms and even a lawsuit of former non-profit OpenAI for abandoning its not-for-profit mission and avoiding making its own GPT models open source.

Following reports in January that claimed xAI had been raising capital, Musk denied the allegations, adding that the company has no plans to raise funding at this time. Musk debuted xAI last July, and the company went on to launch Grok as its first product in November.

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