Lucid shares Gravity SUV factory video with CEO Peter Rawlinson

Lucid Motors has shared a short new video featuring the automaker’s CEO as he takes viewers through where the Gravity SUV will be produced at its Arizona factory.

Shared on Thursday, the video comes as part of Lucid’s “Road to Gravity” series, and it features CEO Peter Rawlinson in the automaker’s Advanced Manufacturing Plant 1 (AMP-1) factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. In it, Rawlinson talks viewers through the production line and that will build the Gravity SUV later this year, and he notes that the company is beginning to test some of the robotic equipment.

The video features the framing station in assembly, showing off the automated robots that will eventually be used to build the upcoming SUV. The robots can be seen working on a vehicle underbody, and Rawlinson notes that they’re currently training the robots for planned pre-production later this summer.

You can watch the short video below, running a little bit over two minutes.

In the last installment of the series, Lucid highlighted the Gravity’s overall design, including a discussion about it with the company’s Director of Exterior Design, Simon Tovey. This week’s video comes as the eighth video under the “Road to Gravity” name.

In a recent appearance on Fox Business, Rawlinson also highlighted the upcoming vehicle, which he predicted would be a better product than Tesla’s Model X. He also said that Lucid was ahead of Tesla in regards to technology, referring to the company’s powertrain.

Lucid began expanding the Casa Grande factory to prepare for Gravity production in January, after initially unveiling the SUV last November. During its Q1 earnings call, Lucid also teased a mid-size “Model Y competitor,” set to begin production in late 2026.

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